Health and safety is of utmost importance for Dominance Pest Control (DPC). Our operations can involve the mechanical devices, a range of chemicals and other equipment, in many different challenging environments

Dominance Pest Control has a comprehensive Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy and a Pest Control Assessment Procedures which demonstrates that DPC is serious about the health and safety of your family, your valuables and assets, whilst protecting the environment. This compliance with Government guidelines, therefore providing a service, which meets many stringent criteria.

The Director of DPC has developed Policies and Procedures, as follows:

  • Health Safety and Environmental Policy.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Medical and Evacuation Plan.
  • Safety Brief.
  • Incident, Near Miss Report.

The Director DPC has prepared these documents to assist DPC Technicians in the assessment and control of risks associated with Pest Control and to ensure that a standard set of policies and procedures are in place across the Organisation for health, safety and environmental management. These policy, guidelines and procedures acknowledge that advanced driver training activities, are likely to involve risk and that these risks be minimised or eliminated.

These guidelines are applicable to all pest control service undertaken by DPC, and include appropriate risk assessment procedures.

Safety during our pest control services is the responsibility of all DPC technicians. DPC Technicians have a particular responsibility for ensuring that proper procedures are followed in the planning and execution of our pest control service, and for dealing with any incidents that may affect health, safety and environment.

All staff members at Dominance Pest Control are very safety conscious and provide all clients with appropriate information to enable them to look after themselves, their families and their assets.